Thursday, July 17, 2014



  These used to be extremely rare a few years ago until they came out  in stores.  They are not a very popular item and they make a pretty cool outfit!  There has been a lot of items leaving lately i wonder what aj is doing? Making new rares?  They are sold in Jam-Mart-Clothing for 300 gems.

Pet Cabin

Pet Cabin

  These pet abins came out during winter and are leaving in 6 days.  They make a cute little house for your pet and go good with the frozen castle den.  They are in Jam-Mart-Furniture for 400 gems.  Get one before they leave!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Phantom T-Shirt

Phantom T-Shirt

  These came out about 6 months ago and make a cool rebel outfit! It is your LAST day to get them in they are in Jam-Mart Clothing for 500 gems. They are a very unpopular item because i see no one ever wearing them.  I think AJ might be trying to make new rares or something lol.  

Tea Cups and Tea Pots

Tea pot and tea cups

  These came out during beta and were a really popular item until AJ brought them back.  They are not really expensive and they make a cool tea party for your den!  You have only 2 days left to get the tea cups and they are 50 gems. You have 3 days left to get tea pots and they are 100 gems.  They are both sold in Jam-Mart Furniture.

Spider Web Flooring

Spider web flooring

  The spider web flooring also came out during Halloween and is leaving just like the Bat wallpaper i don't know if they will come back during Halloween or never come back so just in case you should just buy one they are sold in Jam-Mart Furniture for 250 gems you have 10 days to get it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bat Wallpaper

Bat Wallpaper!

  The bat wallpaper came out during Halloween but it never left with the other Halloween items. I wonder if AJ is making new wallpapers and getting rid of the old ones.  It would be cool to see some new wallpapers though!  You can buy it in Jam-Mart Clothing for 250 gems and you have 10 days left to do so. 

Horned Armor

Three Horned Armor leaving today!

  The awesome  three horned armor is now leaving today after being sold in Epic Wonders for awhile.  They are really cool looking and if you put them on  a penguin it makes it look like the penguin has abs! Buy yours now at Epic Wonders in Coral Canyons for 1,500 gems!